Thursday, January 12, 2012

what a week

this week has been crazy. last friday my mom had a new artery put in her leg. she did wonderful. she is healing great and can go home when she is comfortable enough to. saturday we pick liam up from the saturday sitter and he is warm. "well anthony thought he felt warm. i didn't think he did." the kid had a 99.5 temp. a couple of hours later he is coughing bad and then a higher temp. so we head to the er. there it is 102. it is busy there of course. they put us in this room where they take people to talk to them about what is going on since there were no open beds. dr comes in and barely checks him. doesn't even look in his mouth. "oh it's a croupy cough." sent us with papers and off we went. monday still coughing and fevers off and on so we took him to the dr. dr examines him and says i think it is pneumonia. yeah. so he gets a chest xray and sure enough, it is the beginning of it. luckily we caught it in time and can do shots and oral meds.

so we had to take a leave of absence from work this week because we would have to take him to the dr for three days to get a shot each day. that is fine with me as long as we avoid the hospital. he hasn't had any fever since monday, it's now thursday. he's coughing is a lot better. he only got 2 shots because doctor felt oral meds would be enough.

nothing like the word pneumonia. that word always scared the crap out of me, especially now with a little one. he is doing a lot better. dr says he can go back to day care and isn't contagious. me...i have something. in between all of this i have caught a cold or something. throat isn't sore but feels huge. coughing. guess momma needs to take a little bit of care of herself, huh?

thinking of going back to work on saturday. we did take a leave till tuesday but the bills don't stop just because you do. thank god we should have our taxes at the end of the month. that will help out so much. we'll be able to breath again.

i just want to mention how great God is and how much He really does take care of me and my family. i am so thankful for all that prayed for mom and her surgery. God has listened and has blessed her with such a wonderful recovery. i can't stop thinking how great it is. my hope is that this is the last surgery on that leg. as much as we all have questioned what he is doing, i think it is. i think this time all is great and will continue.

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