Monday, January 16, 2012

this week in pictures

i really love doing this. and it really helps with the project life album! :) i had a few printed off for my album. can not wait to put this week in there.

poor dude. back to the dr this week as he had the beginning of pneumonia. these pictures are from his 3rd dr's visit, 3 days in a row. no more shots just oral antibiotics to treat it. today he is feeling great!

i finished another book and in two days. this book is amazing...get it. read it!

love the way these trees look with the sunset behind it.

found a quote that i loved and made was taken a few weeks ago but found the quote this week, that counts, right? :)

nothing like yummy brownies!!!

the kid loves ranch dressing. he hates high chairs and  especially booster seats. don't put him in me!

and that's it for this week. take some pictures this week!

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