Friday, January 13, 2012

project life, week 1

i finally got to this today. after a crazy week of my mom being in the hospital and liam having the beginning of pneumonia, i got a chance to work on it today. not sure if i really like using my handwriting on this. i usually use the computer for journaling but for this i will use my handwriting. i feel it would be more me if i did. this isn't about perfection, it is about our life. hopefully liam will be able to read my handwriting when he is my age. lol

the double page spread.

the left side.

the right side.

now to remember to turn my phone horizontal when i am taking pictures with it. lol

if you are doing project life let me know. i'd love to share this adventure with you!

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Anonymous said...

I just got the binder yesterday and am waiting for the pages to get here. I love this idea so much. It will go great with my "project 365" pictures.

I just bought a SMASH book too for journaling and such aside from Project life. I'm using that for my own thing....goals, bucks lists, resolutions.....and anything else I can "smash" into it.