Monday, February 14, 2011


i am totally loving pinterest. there are so many ideas that i am losing myself! i want to redorate the house. paint. fun!!! we did find colors for the living room and dining room at walmart that will match great since they are only divided by built in bookshelves. a lot of the ideas are cheap. can't beat that!

i love art and quotes. so i decided to make the wall that i face while on the computer a wall of quotes and sayings. here is what i have up so far. i have a couple to add to it. i got the frames at dollar tree. i hope to eventually have to full! (the empty spots will be filled up be the few that i have yet to put in frames)
with all the snow and yucky stuff that the city drops to make driving bearable, i had to wash the car yesterday.
i'm not quite sure if liam likes it or not. they we he goes off, it could go either way. it's when the washers go over the doors. freaks out. kicks. i loved it when i was a kid. i remember my dad taking the wand and putting water right on my window to make me laugh. today i like the 3 to 4 minutes of listening to the water. a way to relax for a few mintues.

tonight eric is taking me out to dinner to jim's steakhouse. i haven't been since high school. was always way too pricey for me. but he wants to take me and i'll let him. i'm ready for some awesome steak! happy valentine's day!

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