Saturday, February 19, 2011

my mind

i hate when my mind goes 100mph. i think of way too many things. i can't just think of one thing and focus on it. no it is a bunch of things. no answers for any of them. no instant relief. just a bunch of floating words that mess up my day and make it hard to focus on anything. wish there was some sort of instant relief but there isn't. work didn't help. double brownie fudge sundae didn't work either. i'm worn out from just thinking.

god, just give me peace because all that is on my mind i can not find the answers for. nor can i fix them instantly.

this is the only thing that makes me 100% better (and doesn't add any inches to my waist) wait...i take that back. yeah he did. i still haven't lost the baby weight lol.

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