Monday, February 07, 2011's over with!

all went great today with the dude getting tubes in his ears. he was fussy till he got his bottle. after that it was smooth sailing! they told us not to let him eat for a few hours. but one nurse said to go ahead if he is really hungry, it won't hurt him. we got back to the hotel (eric's parents came down to go this morning) and fed him. he soon got a full bottle of milk. they said the milk may bother his stomach but it didn't. he ate, drink and played just 2 hours after he went in...if even that. he's champ! i can't wait to see if he sleeps better now!

last night we played him hard so he would sleep through the night. didn't work but we had fun watching him play with the punching balloons. gotta love the static!
they are saying more snow is coming tomorrow and wednesday. sigh. seriously? i am so over this snow.

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