Monday, February 21, 2011

valentine's day....a week later

better late than never, right?
liam's sitter had a valentine's day party! we got him a cute little valentine's box with cards inside. even lights up on top!

i made cupcakes! we took them to a few people around town. it was fun making deliveries with little valentine cards from liam! and the balloon cupcake liners...well i didn't think about that when eric picked them out. lol well actually i hadn't planned on taking cupcakes out till after i made them. i was just making them.

i got liam a shirt for valentines that said "eligible bachlor" with a bow tie at the top. totally cute!!!
grandma and grandpa tilley got him this cute little dog for valentine's day.
once we got home from dropping off the valentines and his box to his sitter, we give him his valentine cupcake. the man loves cupcakes!

the next day when we got him from the sitter, we brought home his valentine box. he wasn't at the sitters on valentine's so he had to get his box the next day. here is all the goodies inside and something he colored:

i look forward to all the valentine's day ahead of us. i can't wait to make more cupcakes, cookies and more!!!

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