Monday, February 28, 2011

i'm so ready for storm season!

last night we had a storm come through. the first tornado watch/warning of the year! i love the sound of the sirens. i love sitting on the porch and watching the clouds (kind of hard to do at night but i like to watch the lightening too). it was really too cool for any sort of tornado. now i am no expert but it was cold out. it wasn't 78, was 65. i think that helped us from not getting anything more than we did. we did get marble size hail and strong winds. all of this puts me in the mood for storm season!

here is a tree that was uprooted in front of someone's house. it's now in the street as they were working on getting it cleared out of the yard, chopped up and sent away.
i did do one layout today. i love this freebie i found on facebook. had to do a layout as soon as i downloaded it!

i got a new printer a while back. i am printing off layouts in 8x8 and 6x6 size. i am using american craft albums. they are ring binders. love ring binders. you can add and add to them! i used them when i paper scrapped too. they hold a lot and are durable! i totally recommend them!

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