Saturday, April 09, 2011

getting my mind off of things

lately with all going on i needed an outlet yesterday to kind of relax and focus on something else. my mom is still in the hospital. she's been there since tuesday evening. no surgery yet. she has thrown up one day, that put it off. a temp the next, that put it off. today an internal med dr will come in and see if they can figure out where an infection in. all this time she has been given no food because the dr can't decide if he wants to do surgery each day or not. thrusday she ate some. today has finally been given some breakfast. i hope they figure this out soon. if he would have done the surgery when he said so, wednesday, then maybe things would be different. we drove around last night, which we can't do any more since gas is $3.79. i took a few pictures and it made me feel a bit better.

here is a picture of the sky that i love. it looks as if a storm is coming but nothing happened.
we drove by the park that has ducks and parked in front of this house that is for rent. i would love to rent it but it is expensive! i think others agree too because it is still vacant after many months for rent. i would love to live there and see this as i pulled up each day.

i love going to the park. we can't feed the ducks any more and that just sucks! i love feeding the ducks. here is a cool shot of the sidewalk at the park. i didn't realize it was so curvey till i took this.

as we were leaving i saw this little guy just walking down the alley having a good ole time.

i love photography. i really want to do more with it. thinking of some things that i may be able to do. i would love to take a class or two on it. would love to have my own business but this area is so thick of photographers that it is hard to get clients. so thinking of other ways to venture out.

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