Monday, April 25, 2011

scavenger hunt sunday #3

oh how i missed this last week. i couldn't go out and take pictures of things because i had a bad cold and the beginning of bronchits. so here we go!!!

1. reflection.
it had been raining off and on so i thought i would get a reflection that was from the rain.

2. Guess what this is.

i'm sure the little red button to the left will really give it away. it's the vents in our car. never had a car with vents like this. pretty cool.'s the little things that do it for me.

3. what's inside.

you never know what is lurking in the woods!!!

4. playtime
the dude's toys. it's always playtime around here!

5. lawn and garden

until next week! happy picturing taking!!!!


Ashley Sisk said...

Nicely done - I really like your reflection shot.

Marla said...

Great shots. The reflection one is my favorite. :)

Marla @

Aleks said...

whats inside shot is very clever. im always weary of those creepy woods. i love your reflections shot. i took one like that but at the last min i decided i didnt want to use it.

Point & Shoot said...

what a cute playtime shot

Kimberly said...

Great shots! Reflection is also my favorite.

staci said...

I like the reflection shot. We need some rain soooo bad! Not the bronchitis but the rain ;)

Seizing My Day said...

I love the lawn and garden shot ... and the reflection... reflections are everywhere... I love them!! ;)

Phoenix said...

I really like the reflection shot. Way to think outside the box for "what's inside" :)