Wednesday, April 13, 2011

pink eye. sinuses. home.

well this week started off with a bang. liam has been having a runny nose. but monday evening his left eye looked red with green puss coming out of it. so we took him to quick care. when we got back to see the dr, the right eye started in with the green puss. he was prescribed eye drops and that was it. his eyes never got any green puss in them again and it white never turned pink. either the meds worked really fast or it was something else. tuesday i wanted to take him to his dr to see what she thought. my allergies just started kicking in and after seeing his eyes i wondered if he has allergies. well we didn't get to see his ped dr. we saw some other dr that is there. she thinks he has a sinus infection. he has some green snot from time to time but that is about it. not sure how she thought he has a sinus infection. so she gives us a prescription for a strong antibiotic. today i'm not so sure he really needs these antibiotics. i think what i will do it take him off of them and wait a few days. if it doesn't let up, the runny nose that is, then i will take him to see his dr. (the joys of going to a community health center but i like the ped dr he goes to. not sure why we couldn't see her. did i ask? no, it didn't cross my mind. was more worried about him. and while we are on the subject of the dude, he is walking so much! he won't let me hold his hand when we go down the sidewalk. he lets go as if he is saying "hey, i can do this myself." mr. independent i tell ya!

next up, me. my sinuses are at it again. ran a 102.4 temp last night. still feeling it today but not as bad. weak but gaining strength. man...those sinuses can really mess you up! so got me some meds so i can be full force at work tomorrow!

home. as in my mom is home. thank god. i am glad she is home but not glad that they didn't do anything to her leg. a week in the hospital and more excuses. one day it is this, one day it is that. i think he is coming up with excuses because he doesn't know what to do. yes, he even said he doesn't know what to do. he doesn't know where the bleeding is coming from, why or how it is starting. well, he knows it is in the leg but how it is starting is a mystery. so maybe next week. they need to go in and clean it out really well because it is infected. i wish there was another vascular surgeon is this area!

have to share these pictures of the cat that stays outside. she likes to sleep in liam's bouncy horse.

and here is the man with his horsey that is he way too big for these day!

so this is the week so far. hope the rest of the week goes smooth. tomorrow night we are suppose to get back storms, even tornadoes! woohooo!!!

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