Saturday, April 02, 2011

it's on!

lately i have been hating my job. well, actually this has been going on since mid-december. after talking to several people that i was suppose to, following the "chain of command," nothing has been done about it. i have let this person stress me out for the last time. i won't go into a lot of detail here but i will not let this person win any more. she thinks she can beat us all in our department. she thinks she is better than us as she proudly talks about her daughter getting a dui. yes...i said proudly. this woman has so many issues that she has to talk crap about all of us behind our back. i've had it. i will not be treated like this at my job. i have let one too many people do this to me. NO MORE!

i try to understand people the best i can. i try my best to give them the benefit of the doubt. i know she has a husband that is a drunk. her kids have been in trouble so many times. but you know...none of this is our fault. i hate people that will talk nice to you to your face and then turn around and talk about you. stab you right in the back. there is no excuse for it. it's on. i will go as high as i need to get the answer that i want. i want her gone! i told personnel that i would put in my two week notice if i didn't get moved out of my department. i will not quit. that means she wins. she will not win as far as i am concerned. i will win. yes...oh yes, it. is. on!

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