Saturday, December 19, 2009

2 days to go

and i am still sick. head cold and a cough. had it. i have so much to do around here, i don't have time for a cold. i'm off work till feb 9th. yay!!!! i had mixed emotions last night basically because i realized that there are just 2 days left. reality hit and i was like OMG. but i am happy to be off work and not deal with any more customers this holiday season as an employee. we have to go in tomorrow to get stuff for the hospital. i got a robe i wanted from my secret santa. now to find a cute night gown to wear. i would like to wear pants but can you after you have given birth? do they check you a lot? i feel like he has moved down more. i am anxious to see if i am dialated yet. i hope i go in at least 1cm dialated.

tonight's plans: get his room finished. tomorrow night put together things like the swing, bouncer and stroller. today the plan is to find place for the rest of these boxes and stuff. i didn't realize how small the house his till we got started with his room. i am definately having a rummage sale come spring time. ohhhh yeah!!!!!

getting nervous about monday. not sure what all will happen. though no one knows. every delivery is different. i pray every night for a fast, smooth, painless as possible delivery. you know, i can't believe i have not had an ounce of any kind of trouble. no high blood pressure. no gd. nothing. so blessed and know god had a huge hand in that. i am a true testimony to what god can and will do. must do it and you must believe it will be heard.

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Stephanie said...

Tomorrow's the BIG day!!! Try to get some sleep tonight, I know easier said then done! I can't wait to meet him!!!