Thursday, December 31, 2009

looking back on 2009

this was the best year of my life. we started out the year thinking of our wedding. no, he hasn't asked yet. once he gets the ring he layaway lol. i had bought a couple of things for it, candles at valentine's that would be great on a table. then at the end of april we found out i was pregnant. yes, i was scared at first. after 3 loses i didn't know how to think or feel. then in the first part of june we saw his heart beat and it was real and going to happen. it's been an exciting ride. no problems. no morning sickness. nothing. and now on the 31st my son is here and i am loving life. we have no plans for tonight to celebrate the new year and that is fine with me. all i ever wanted i have now so who needs to party when i am happy to be at home with my 2 guys!

i can only imagine what next year will bring. liam getting bigger. his first of everything will happen and i can't wait. though i want the time to go slow. i want to cherish each day with him. he is my miracle. thank you god for making 2009 the best year of my life.

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