Tuesday, December 08, 2009

too high!

today's 37th week appointment was awesome. it was awesome to see him on the sonogram. we got to see him wave. he is really high up, highest the dr has ever seen. that's my boy! so that puts me in a high rate of having a c-section. i haven't dialated. cervix is still high but soft. he thinks i could go at any time. baby is measuring about 8.5lbs from the sonogram but dr thinks he is around 7.5lbs. so i hope the little man can fit into some of his newborn clothes before he grows completely out of them :) to tell you the truth, i think i would rather have a c-section rather than wait for hours to see if i will progress or not. sounds crazy i know, but i would rather him just schedule the c-section then get me in there, pictocin going, get to maybe 3 cm and then nothing. waste of time to me. i know it is major surgery and recovery time but if he is so high up why take the chance?

i'm am a bit surprised at myself, as i am sure other are too, that i am not freaking out and panicking right now...actually throughout the whole pregnancy. i worried about everything and i have some during this pregnancy which is normal, but there is a peace that i have had for so long that i don't really fear that much. the only thing that i really fear is freaking out and panicking if i have a c-section and being not able to move while they are getting him out. not too keen on the whole epidural numbing you towhere you can't move your legs but i would rather have that then the pain. but the c-section will feel worse since i hear it is a spinal. a walking epidural would be fabulous but i'm pretty sure you can't have one with a c-section. however he has to come out is fine with me. i just want him to be here and to start experiencing life as a mother.

i did a couple of layouts the other night.

now i think i will complete these downloads and maybe do a layout. tired today after a busy, exciting day.

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