Tuesday, December 01, 2009

the best christmas present ever is coming

on december 21st! went to the dr today to see about this swelling I have been having. my feet were swelling off and on then my hands started. dr told me to come in if my face was swollen but my hands....they were huge so i called and they had me come in today. everything looks great. he doesn't think i have preclampsia since my blood pressure is fine and i lost a pound. i asked him if he thought the baby would be here before christmas and he said yes and what day was i thinking? for some reason i wanted the 20th all along but since it is on a sunday i said the 21st. so he called the hospital and got it set up. he said since it is that time of year alot of women will want to be induced because they won't want to be in the hospital on christmas. the hospital only allows 2 inductions a day so we better get me on the list now before it fills up.

i am totally excited and can't wait. it is going to be the best christmas ever. today we will get the rest of his room done and hopefully paint on thursday. sometime soon i want to get the tree up and decorate it but not sure where we will put it. still a lot to do in the house but as long as the room gets done that is all i care about. the rest can come later. it isn't that bad just need to move a few things around and get rid of boxes.

i'm going to make the 18th my last day at work. that will give me a full paycheck and two days off to relax and prepare for the 21st. now that i know when he will be here, i will be able to work a little better knowing i have x amount of days to go. hope it helps because i need something to get me by on those 8 hour days!

going to start on my 25 days of christmas album that i started last year and didn't finish. i got the book done but nothing it in. i am soooo freaking happy he will be here for christmas!

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