Monday, December 07, 2009

feeling christmasy

hense the new background change! love hearing the christmas music like ever before. makes me even more excited for christmas to come this year since liam will be here. i want to go out and look at lights but when it is cold outside it is hard to get up and go outside.

last night i went to the hospital. i thought i was having contractions and i was. however, they were mild and i still haven't dialated yet sooo. at least now i know what contractions feel like. i have wondered a while now what they feel like. i was running a slight fever too. not sure what they was fun. so after being hooked up to the monitor, i went home feeling kinda dumb. i'm sure i am not the only person going up there thinking something is going on. i didn't think i was in labor but i didn't know what these feeling were. i freaked eric out. i called him and said "i think maybe we should go to the hopital. they are 11 minutes apart." and be the time we get there they stop. i had small ones but nothing else. the nurse said i will be experiencing them till i deliever. she told me what to look for and when to call or come in. a feel better knowing that.

tomorrow we go to the dr for my 37th week checkup. he will check to see if i am dialate...highly doubt i will in 48 hours lol and do a sonogram to see how he is positioned. i can't wait to see him. if he said "let's do this tomorrow" as in delivering, i would have no problem with that. i am tired and being tired and no energy to do anything. house is a mess. a lot i want to do but no energy to do anything. where's that nesting thing and when will it kick in? lol

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