Thursday, December 10, 2009


so i wanted to decorate the house for christmas since liam will be here. but there is so much to do as it is that i will be lucky to get the tree up. still a lot i want to do around here. i don't want the house to be cluttered when people come over but i guess it will have to be. boxes mainly. don't know where to put a lot of this stuff. it's only going to get worse as liam gets older so must decide what to do with it. maybe in the spring i will have a massive rummage sale. maybe i will give a lot of my scrapbook stuff to eric's family that scraps (well that will probably happen since i have a ton more in the back room that needs to gone through.). i hoard my scrapbook stuff, yes i admit it. i don't like using things because "hey, what if there is something better to scrap later?" that theory has to go down the drain. i have a ton of stuff behind me that needs to be used....a few draws that need to be gone through as well. so i will use the cool stuff now cause it stresses me out seeing all of this with no place to go. and not to mention i had to "buy it" so it needs to be used.

back to decorating. i need to find a cute "baby's 1st christmas" ornament. i'll try hallmark. saw a lot of cute ones there. eric's mom has an ornament for him already. i told eric that i want to get him one each year from hallmark. i want to start some traditions this year. not sure what all we can do with a newborn, but we can start with an ornament. next year i will get lights on the house and decorate inside. too much going on right now to put time into that when the time can be spent on what really needs to be done...his room. we're almost there. we're last minute people what can i say? :)

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