Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the day my life changed

yep...been a while since i posted. been busy with liam and enjoying being a mother. i hope i can update each day with things that are happening and pictures.

i'll never forget december 21st., 2009. the day my life changed. the day i finally became a mother. we went in at 8am to be induced. after 7 hours of pictocin i never onced dialated. so c-section it was. i though i would have to have one since he was still high and i was closed. but even though it is in the back of you mind, you don't know what it is like till it's time. from the time dr told me he was doing a c-section and liam was out, was within 30 mintues. i freaked out when they told me i would be recovering in icu. it was after 5 and the recovery room in the ob was closed. i panicked. freaked. eric was there through it all. he told the dr's to get him if i started getting bad again in the operating room. never. never has anyone done that. he held me and told me it would be ok. he demanded for them to go get him. he stayed by me as much as he could. i have never felt more safe with anyone as i did that day. my prince. god i love him more than life. it is important to me to have someone that understands and that will be there and not yell at me when i am anxious and panicking.

so the c-section got under way. the shot to deaden my back wasn't bad. the feel of your legs going numb...weird. they felt like they were getting sleepy, tingly weird feeling and then boom....they are as heavy as a log. i tried to wiggle my toes so i would know i could still move the and not panic but that didn't happen lol. i didn't feel anything but pressure. man, the feeling of them pulling and tugging, totally wild. it felt at times like they moved my bottom part of my abs to my chest. hard to discribe. then within minutes i heard the best sound in the world, his cry. i cried. i was afraid to cry too hard that i wouldn't be able to breathe lol. they walked him by as they took him to get cleaned up and such. to me he looked huge but it was the way they were holding him i guess bc he weight 7lbs 12.5 oz. 18 inches long. they brought him in for us to see and then eric took him to the nursery. i wish someone had a video camera and taped him walking to the nursery, i would have loved to see that.

i went up to icu and an hour later came back down and was finally able to get a good look at liam. i got a half look before they took me up. he is so beautiful. my little boy. the one i prayed about and wished for, for so many years was finally here in my arms. that night we had him stay in the nursery since we were so worn out. by 8am i was up and ready to see him.

the c-section wasn't bad at all. the first night was rough getting around but i'm strong and a fighter and 9 days after all is great and yes, i would do it again! i am so happy that he is here and finally with us. the 9 months did go by fast. only at the end did i want it over with. i got tired of not being able to do things and hated relying on eric for a lot, ex...putting on shoes and socks.

some pictures of the day:
momma holding him.

grandma tilley

3 generations!

grandma robson

flower from my dr.

grandpa robson

liam's cousins: sierra and brianna

my nurses and goals for the the cuddle baby!

our stork dinner

going home! (i was so tired. slept maybe an hour) i was so ready to go home.

and now to enjoy life with my men!

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