Wednesday, February 03, 2010

back to work

eric went back to work yesterday. it was a short day for him so it wasn't too bad being away from liam but today will be the worse, a 2 to 11 shift. i go back next week. i'll be there to keep him company as we both miss our little man. his mom is coming down today. we're going to scrapbook and play with liam. i got a few cool things at Big Lots for scrapbooking. it's hard for me to buy stuff elsewhere when they are so cheap. but i want some of the new stuff coming out and they won't have that till it's old lol. i'm always on the look out for boys stuff! i wish i like my handwriting but i just don't. i want to get used to using it. maybe if i write slower that would work????

wanted to write but just realized i have to be at the dr in an hour. so maybe more today.

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