Monday, February 01, 2010

cheryl's challenge for this week

I loved working on Cheryl's challenge for this week. Once i read the challenge i knew exactly who i was writing about, eric. i had him read it and he said, "why did you almost make me cry?" :) then he pointed out a few things. i didn't check the font after i changed it so there are ?'s where ' should be. i have no idea how to go in a change that once it is all done, a digital layout by the way. So here it is....?'s and all!

journaling reads: Life knows when you need a change. Life know when you can’t

go on any more. Life tries to give you all you need but along
the way it has to teach you lessons for you to learn…to make
you stronger, wiser, courageous. Life for the last 18 years was
a mountain. Struggling with anxiety issues, depression and a
very unhappy marriage that I was afraid to get out of because
I didn’t think I was strong enough to be on my own. Then life
said “ok, you’ve had enough. Let me bring someone to you
to bring you the happiness you deserve.” His name is Eric.

I had known him for 13 years at the time. Our friendship
became stronger. The one day we realized we loved each
other. There is so much about this man that has changed me.
But the one thing that made the difference in me was his love
for me. No one has given me the love that he has. The
compassion. The understanding. The faith in me. He is
always there for me from the simplest to the hardest.

Since we have been together he has helped me to grow. I
don’t fear like I used to. I have faith and believe in myself.
I know that I now that I am strong. I know now that I can
give my love to someone and not be afraid any more. Before
him I was so alone. I longed for something that I needed so
bad in my life. Now I have it. I have the happiness I deserve.
The peace I deserve. The love I deserve. It’s the little things
that he does that lets me know he loves me unconditionally.

I thank God for him. God brought him to me in a time of need.
I needed him. God knew. Life knew. Now we are together and
life is so much more livable because we are together.

Eric goes back to work tomorrow. I go back next week. Liam is 6 weeks old today. time is going by so fast. i don't want to leave him to go to work but i know he will be in good hands with tammy watching him. so glad to have a family member watch him then trying to find someone to watch him that i don't know. yesterday we went out to my parents to meet steve and tammy to give them all pictures from his little photo session at walmart. they were awesome i tell you. once i get them uploaded i will put them here. he is getting better with his car seat. i did get this pouting picture though....poor little guy :)

tired of all this snow but i did enjoy taking pictures of it, even though it was from a moving vehicle. if we had the chance, it would have been fun to get out and walk around to take upclose pictures in various spots in town. here are a few that i got that are my favorites:

i love the tree in this photo. one of my favorite things to photograph in the winter are trees. you can see the structures of the branches. Love it!
there's a lot i want to accomplish this week around the house before i go back to work. hopefully i will get some if not all of it done. yeah....i always put things off!

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Cheryl said...

that page is amazing! the journaling is just it! :)