Monday, February 22, 2010

his crib and mobile

he loves his mobile. when he is fussy and needs some lovin', sometimes i put him in his crib and turn on the mobile and music. he coo's. smiles. he loves it!

here's what it looks like when the lights are out.

i finished a paper layout that i started a few weeks ago. i hadn't charged The Slice in a while and it wasn't setting right. well didn't think to recharge it till i read the instructions. major, duh!!!

tonight we are meeting with another woman to watch liam. the one we met on friday, her schedule is really close to our's and i am afraid we won't make it to work on time. she also comes recommened from a friend that takes her little girl to her. there is nothing wrong with the one we met, just the schedule. she gets out of class at 2 and 4. somedays i go in at 2 and so does eric. speaking of work, i am back up to 33 hours, at least for the new schedule. eric is still around 20 hours. this will not work! how do they think that we can afford day care, food, diapers, etc with him getting 20 hours a week? totally insane! why walmart doesn't hire people full time is beyond me. well, they do but there are very, very few positions that are full time. i really wish i could get out of this town and make a new start in a different town. pittsburg won't let anyone advance unless you know the right people. i hate it!

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