Sunday, February 07, 2010

what's been happening this week

eric went back to work. it was a little hard on me not having him around but his mom came and helped. liam and her had some good talks. he is really hamming it up lately and coo'ing more. a couple of days i just do my own thing, went to hastings, big lots....i tell ya, you need good arm muscles to carry around that car seat! last night i went to aimee's. carla came down. we sat around and talked. well they talked more than me. i had to have the bud shoot out on tv. :) carla got to meet liam. i had a great time! we laughed a lot, which we all needed. we watched "the hangover." that is a movie that we must buy. we've seen it before but wanted to watch it again. it is a riot!

i did a few layouts this past week. working on one now. i feel guilty at times working on stuff. eric watches tv and liam, but i feel i need to give him a break at times. here's what i work on:

i feel so sorry for the dogs sometimes. i know they feel left out. vinny doesn't do much any more. doesn't play. dotty barks for attention. breaks my heart. poor dogs. at least they have each other.

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