Tuesday, February 16, 2010

where do i start? lol

a few things have happened this past week, well weekend! Eric asked me to marry him! i knew it was coming, you know a kid and all, but hearing it and how he did it was awesome. even though you know it is coming, you need to hear it...experience it...all that fun stuff! here's the ring:
i couldn't get a good picture on my finger. i so miss not having my canon rebel. hopefully one day i will be able to get one and take the pictures like i used to again. i'm getting two diamond bands to put on each side. we haven't set a date yet. i want it to be july 3rd but not sure about the heat and all. may shoot for september. we'll decide soon. it was so great how he did it. i was surprised even though i knew he was going to do it but i wasn't sure where, when or how.

our newspaper asked for love stories from readers. i submitted ours. i put it in on the 10th. it was so hard not to tell him. i can't keep things in. buying christmas presents and not giving them as soon as i get them...hard!!! but i didn't say anything and showed him at lunch with his family. totally surprised him. we spent the day with his family so they could catch up with liam. had a great time!

little man is getting so big. 8 weeks now! i tell you time is flying so fast! i had no idea it would be this fast. both grandma's gave him bears for valentine's.

i saw a baby online that had these adorable leg warmers. i thought there would be no way a boy would look cute in them. leg warmers are for girls! i googled them and found that boys are wearing them too. so i got a pair of knee high socks and made him a pair. they are so cute and so easy to make.

i sat him up in the recliner last night. now he loves sitting up on his own. my big man!!!

life as a momma is great! just need to manage my time a bit better. my first week back and my first days off was a bit of a change. didn't get a lot done that i wanted to. i wanted to scrap but haven't. haven't used my slice since i got it. well i made one flower for a layout i had done while back. hopefully the next two days off will be better.

little man is fussing. gotta run!

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Patty Reiser said...

Congratulations! My hubby to be proposed 8 years ago Valentine's Day. One of these days we will actually get married. Go for July 3rd. The fireworks are a great way to celebrate your anniversary. it's how I celebrate my birthday too! LOL