Tuesday, February 02, 2010

yay! i am getting a slice!

I have wanted a slice from making memories for a long time. I finally ordered one and i can't wait to get it! i'm going to try it for 30 days and see how i like it. i'm glad i can do that in case i don't like it and then i am stuck with it!  i was a little bummed when i didn't make a digital design team but bounced back. i doubt that i will have time for teams once work starts again. i may only get one day a week to scrap, who knows, so i will need to use it for me and not someone else.

and i am totally excited about this. i won a book that i wanted since it came out...."52 scrapbook challenges" by elizabeth kartchener at kelly purkey's blog. i was shocked to see my post. i read it and was like "hey...that looks familiar." yeah, it takes me a while for things lol. yay for me!!! totally love the ideas that are in this book. i can not wait to get it!

little man turned 6 weeks yesterday. love how he is smiling more now and coo'ing. makes me one happy momma! i never thought i could love someone as much as i do him and eric.

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