Thursday, February 25, 2010


had to do a layout so i could remember those tiny feet and hands. oh how i love them so!
a digital layout.

i finally put up his 9 week picture today. slacking just a tad. i saw a tiny baby at work the other day. i asked the lady how old the little boy was, 10 days. he weighed 3 ounces more than liam and was 2 inches longer. i can't believe he was that small. it's like i can't remember it. i can only see him now as this huge baby.

the last couple of days he has slept till about 10:30. i was ready for him to wake up yesterday so i could hold him. he pretty much goes to sleep when we get home at night. he wakes up a couple of times to eat. this morning he slept from 11 to 5:30. he's sleeping now. i did feed him around 7:30. i'm ready for him to wake up so i can spend some time with him. now i really look forward to our days off to spend time with him.

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