Sunday, January 31, 2010

a lot going through my mind

this happens when i start to create more. i start thinking of things i want to do. ex...i want to create an esty account to sell my photography. i want to make a mini album. i want to write. i want to take more pictures. right now i have a lot on my heart that i want to get out someone. good stuff. stuff that i have been blessed with. stuff i want to remember. so i am going to take a nap and hopefully work on some stuff when i get up. it is hard to do things when you have a newborn. eric does a lot but we do things in shifts and his shifts are when i sleep, so i feel i need to give him some time when i get up. liam doesn't like the bouncer or swing that much. he will stay in it for maybe 10 minutes and thats it. guess he feels alone.

off to rest my mind so it will be fresh when i come back.

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