Wednesday, January 13, 2010

loving life

its been great being at home and being with my guys. i'll be going back to work on the 9th., sucks but that's life. i love cooking for eric. feeding liam. changing liam. there's times were i go and pick him up needing some major lovin' from him. i so enjoy being a mom.

the little man does NOT like his car seat. it's like a major ordeal each time we are out. it is usually leaving walmart and heading home that he freaks out, today it was after we left home. it stresses me out majorly. i can't do anything for him in the car unless we pull over. he got so worked up today he was sweating. i go in to pay the cable bill and come out to a red, hot, sweaty boy. not fun. so i got his bottle and that made him happy. i don't know what i will do when eric goes to work and i am stuck driving around with just him.

i've been creating layouts left and right. having fun filling up his album. with pictures like this one, it's a blast scrapping him.

yes, he is a major cutey. what did i ever do without him?

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