Monday, January 25, 2010

some more scrapping

did some more scrapping last week. tonight i am going to go through all of my paper to see what would be good for boy layouts. i have some baby papers in the back room but no idea where i put it so we'll start with basic area for now. i should probably go through other things as well to see what would be good to use to and keep it all together.

i can't believe that today he is 5 weeks old. i go back to work 2 weeks from tomorrow :(  i am kinda excited to go back to work. i miss it in a way. it will be a lot easier to work without a HUGE stomach in your way when you want to bend over. lol

i took some pictures of him in the carseat yesterday. he was asleep, which is always nice since he hates it. I love the picture of his face! those lips!

he's my angel. i love this kid so much!

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