Friday, January 08, 2010

getting used to it all

wow, how my life has changed. it's 2:37am as i write this. eric and liam are asleep. i finally got liam to sleep. not that he was fussying, he was awake for a while. i am wide awake after taking a long, very much needed, nap.

i'm still trying to get used to all of this. it is a major change in your life and one that i am so happy that is happening.....just wish sleep was easier to come by :) eric and i switch off and on. i am up during the night with him. i sleep in the recliner with him. he sleeps better during the day than at night. i find sleeping in the recliner is easier so i can get some sleep. i'd rather just recline and let him do his thing, rather it be sleeping or being wide awake. he does sleep in the bassinet but we usually end up in the recliner by the time 3am hits.

baby's awake gotta go.

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