Monday, January 25, 2010


the last week i have been thinking about  our wedding. ever since we went to the bridal show it has been on my mind. i know where i want to get married. i know who i want to marry us. i know the colors i want. the rest, unknown. we don't have a date set. he hasn't asked lol (but it's a given since we have a kid and we've talked about it). i do know that i will have to do a lot for it since we can't afford a lot. i want to make as much as i can. i do know it will be a simple wedding but not boring simple. it will be awesome i know. so since i am dreaming of our wedding, i went to flickr and put "wedding" in the search to see what i could find. this is what i found:

1. Art Nouveau Wedding Cake Tower, 2. Bridesmaid Sri Lankan wedding, 3. Elise at Wedding Workshop, 4. Viet & Tu's Wedding, 5. MARIAGE / WEDDING : She's Flying, 6. Frank Gehry Wedding Cake, 7. wedding_romania, 8. Wedding Rings, 9. Wedding Butterfly Cookies

i love the idea of the wedding/cupcake in picture 1. i am going to have to remember that one for sure! LOVE picture 3. photography is going to be huge with me. i would love to have something like this taken. i want fx studios but they are way too expensive. *sigh* i will be making my own invitations, just not sure what i will do yet. i will have to borrow aimee's circut to make them. :)


Patty Reiser said...

Congrats on the upcoming wedding.

Aim said...

Spend more time planning the marriage than the wedding. The two of you making a family is more beautiful than the choice of flowers etc!