Sunday, January 03, 2010

oh how i miss my canon rebel

i wish i would have never sold it but when times are tough you gotta do what ya gotta do. so now these are the kind of pictures i get:

nothing but your face! guess i will have to play around and see what i can do with it.

really tired of the snow. ever since the 24th there has been snow on the ground. more came last night. we need to get out to the store but i don't want to get him out or me out in this weather. i keep forgetting i had major surgery and that i can't do a lot right now. though i did drive to bo's last night, i have to watch where i walk.

i'm enjoying every day with my little man. we are always up late as he likes to sleep more during the evening and up a lot at night. he's eating good. twice he's had 6oz, but mainly it is 4oz at a time. he feels bigger to me already. i love these little half grins and full grins he has when he just falls asleep. the little noises he makes. melts my heart! eric and i tag team when he is up a lot. yesterday i was so tired, took 2 naps and slept in. today i am more energized though i am like "why am i tired again?" yeah, the "can't get used to the surgery" thing again.

hoping to do some paper layouts tonight. it's been a while since i have. i need to get the id bracelets put on paper and in a album so i don't lose them. here's to a quiet, relaxing night.

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