Wednesday, January 20, 2010

just 3 weeks left

man the time is going fast. i can't believe i will be back to work in 3 weeks. we went to the library yesterday and the lady said "ok, these are due back on the 2nd." that's when eric goes back to work. me a week later.ugh. i'm going to miss this time at home with my guys. so from now till we go back to work i will cherish each day and make the most of it. there are still a few things around the house i want to get done before we go back. i need to finish his room. mainly put up pictures. organize where i want things like socks, bibs,etc. stuff i wanted to do before he was born.

i've been scrapbooking like crazy...think i mentioned that before. i am having so much fun working on layouts about liam. here is a simple one i did for his first dr appointment.

i've been doing just paper layouts lately. i'm still collecting digital stuff, which i get here. i love freebies. i don't digital scrap enough to buy a ton of stuff, but i do get a few things here and there. there are a lot of baby, kid papers that i want to get. i have a few things i have gotten over the years but not enough to fill the pages of his album. yesterday i got 75 more pictures developed. tomorrow we are having his pictures taken at walmart. not to sure about that but it is cheap enough that if they come out crappy then i will just buy the small package. i know he will be cute but the rest who knows.

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