Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i love a good challenge

especially since i am getting back into the swing of things with scrapbooking and need refreshed. i love cheryl's work and was anxious to start her challenges. so far i have only done 2 but its a start. i have so many ideas going through my head for layouts. i love having this creativity! one thing i realized when i was looking through an old scrapbook magazine is that i can look at "all" layouts now, even kid layouts! for the longest time i looked through magazines to get ideas but what like 80% is kid related. i got discouraged and often gave up on ideas. i am so excited to be scrapbooking again. in fact, it was 10 years ago this month that i started scrapbooking. i'm so glad i bought the kit i did at walmart 10 years ago to get me started. though it took me 6 months before i did something, it was worth the wait!

and now for the layouts! the layout about what happened in 2009 that was good or bad. for me it was good! pregnancy and the birth of my first child.

using just patterned paper and embellishements.

i did this one the other day. 3 generations. my mom, me and liam.

i can't believe liam is 3 weeks old already. i am anxious to see what he weighs when we go to the dr on friday. i bet it is close to 9lbs by now if not a bit more. i totally love motherhood. i am getting used to staying up late. getting up at 4 and 6am to feed him. actually i woke up the other night before he did. i love the early morning times. i just stare at him and thank god for him.


Stephanie said...

I'm so glad that you got "IT" back!! Surely having such a cutie patootie to scrap can't hurt!!

Patty Reiser said...

Congrats on baby Liam. Your pages look great.

cheryl said...

yay!!! so glad to see you playing along...and that little boy! oh my gosh! i just got super super excited to see my girl. :) he's a doll!
love your take on the challenges...:D :D