Wednesday, January 06, 2010


i hope:
to be a good mother to him even though i have anxiety disorder and agoraphobic.
that he doesn't learn my traits and be anxious too.
to make all of his dreams come true.
i can raise him to be the best he can be and not let others influence what he says or does.
i can show him the world in various ways.
he loves me as much as i love him at this moment.
i don't make too many mistakes a long the way.
i can make it all better when he get hurts.
he has his dad's intelligence and not mind.
he lives life to the fulliest with no regrets.

he is my son. all the hope (for what i had hoped for is here at last) i had for me is now his. i want the world for him.

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Patty Reiser said...

Beautiful message of hope. I love the photo as well. Did you create this photograph?