Friday, March 12, 2010

38 things

here are 38 random things about me or that i have learned over the last 38 years.

1. being a mother is the BEST thing in the world.
2. i still love going to the library.
3. no matter how hard you try you will never please everyone.
4. never give up.
5. dreams do come true.
6. prayers do get answered.
7. staying in touch with friends and family is a must!
8. hold your ground.
9. a $70 pair of jeans will not make me look any better.
10. we must go through trials to learn.
11. nothing ever happens that i deeply fear. it's all in my head.
12. be true to yourself.
13. communication is the key to a relationship.
14. losing 74lbs showed me that i can do anything if i set my mind to it.
15. weight gain is definately worth the little joy i now hold.
16. feeling a life inside of you is incredible.
17. i finally feel truly loved for the first time in a relationship.
18. never take what you have forgranted, especially family and friends.
19. spring is my favorite time of year. i love watching everything come to life.
20. i realized i have always been around some time of motorsports since i was about 6 to 7. dad and brother race motorcyles. we used to go to mo-kan a lot. now i love nascar.
21. i have had approximately 12 cars since i started driving. i may have forgot about a few so there may be more.
22. i hold grudges and i shouldn't.
23. i love photography.
24. my favorite way to relax is to read.
25. i want to write a book someday about my trials of anxiety, depression and agoraphobia.
26. i love sunsets.
27. i should have never started drinking pop again but i love the taste to much to totally quit this time.
28. having insurance through work makes me feel grown up. haven't had insurance for so many years.
29. i wish i didn't have to take meds for my anxiety but it is a part of life if i want to be able to function.
30. my favorite color has never been the same.
31. i used to decorate my bedroom walls with pictures in magazines, especially fashion. first sign that i love designing?!
32. i wanted a girl so bad but having a boy is a huge blessing.
33. the age my mom had me and why my favorite number is 3. 3rd child. mom was 33. on the 3rd floor in room 333. born 3/13.
34. i long to have a home that is simple and organized.
35. music always cheers me up.
36. i finally found my own style of religion and spirituality.
37. i hope to have one more child.
38. eric is the best thing that has ever come into my life.

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