Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a great birthday

i had a great birthday. turning 39 wasn't so bad :). eric and i had lunch with carla. i got filled up by potato soup at chili's. man that stuff is awesome! i love me some good potato soup! i was surprised at work by a couple of presents, cupcakes and cookies. the gals i work with are awesome! after work we went to pick up liam at aimee's, we sat and watched tv with aimee and carla and laughed!!! i mean good, deep belly laughs that all of us highly needed. all in all it was a great birthday. i don't fear turning fear as much as i did. now that i have liam life feels complete. i wanted to have a child before 40 and now that i do, it won't be so bad. i'm still a kid at heart and always will be.

i've been making a few cards lately. i really enjoy making cards. i need to make a goal of sending 3 out each week to random people for no reason at all but to give them a quick smile.

i had been wanting to get a jumperoo at walmart for the little man. it was marked down to $45. by the time i could get it, it was down to $23!!! huge bargin. it retailed at $90. happy me and happy man, he loves it!

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