Thursday, March 25, 2010


sometimes i still can't believe that i am a mother. i look at him and feel so blessed by god that he finally gave me my dream. i can't believe that i am actually in that special "club" of women. i don't have to look at pregnant women any more and wish it was me. i can walk down the baby isle and actually buy something instead of wishing. it is an amazing feeling.

rainy today. i am excited for the storms to start this season. i would freak out if i saw the guys from "storm chasers" drive down the highway to their next stop. they've been to a few places close to here. in fact, last year they stopped at walmart and tiv was outside of walmart. i would have freaked! associates would wonder if they should call an ambulance for me. i would really freak if i saw the dominator! reed timmer...ahhhhh!!! angels singing! yes, i am a reality tv junky. these guys use the tiv and the dominator to intercept tornadoes. they actually get into the tornadoes. now, as much as i would love to see one, i couldn't go into a tornado. actually, if one gets really close i kinda start to freak. as much as i want to see one i don't want to be in one. i love the thrill of listening to the radio when storms are close. listening to where people spotted a funnel cloud. where one touched down. hail. lightening. i love it all! bring on storm season!

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