Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the ole body

the ole body will never be the same i guess. for the first time in my life i am dealing with dry skin on my face. i've never had dry skin on my face, always oily. my toes are even dry. toes! the tops of them. craziness! i days i am ovulating and right before my period, i feel like i did when i had him. bloated, tight, sore, can't barely walk. good things: my hair is growing a lot and so are my nails. it is unbelievable how much your body changes before and after. i had no idea about afterwards though, i thought it was all during pregnancy. yes, all worth it.

eta...and my mind. well it started going years ago but pregnancy progressed it. nowadays i can't remember anything. i asked eric a question and 3 blocks later i am like "did i ask...." "yes." "oh." i can't afford to lose any more of it, seriously.

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