Sunday, March 21, 2010


i get enough of it. so i think. i sleep a lot more than most moms. at least that's what i hear. but why am i still tired and taking naps nearly everyday? think i got to thinking, scarey yes, i do do more than i used to. i used to sleep till around noon, get ready for work, work, then stay up till about 4am. now i hit the bed around midnight to 1am and get up about 8:30. i guess it will take a while to adjust to a new sleep pattern, right? sometimes i think "oh god, am i pregnant again?" because i am so tired. but i'm not. just getting use to doing a lot more than i used to.

i need to update the 365 pictures. i haven't been taking them like i wanted to. i will start that back over tomorrow. in the meantime i will throw in various pictures to get up to date. cheating? yeah.....but i promise i will try not to slack any more. well.....

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