Wednesday, March 10, 2010

what's shakin?

well first off, i really need to keep up on the 365 photos, huh? yeah i am behind on posting them. you'd think i would remember but who has a memory any more? little man is getting bigger by the day! he has a tooth coming in, explains the fist nawing and drool. who said he could grow up so fast? 11 weeks 2 days ago, unbelievable i tell ya!

i got accepted on to two creative teams. totally excited to be doing some layouts for designers. i will post where as soon as i know it is ok to do so. i love digital scrapbooking and look forward to working with these people.

mom's leg is at it again. mom, i don't know how you get the strength that you do. i know it is from god! i would have given up on it so long ago. hang in there, i know god will take care of it!

my birthday is saturday. carla is coming down, yay! a fun birthday lunch with my gals, eric and liam before work. aimee is watching liam on the 13th and 20th. her and carla will have a blast watching him. i hope carla can find a job down here and move here. her personality and laugh makes me smile. i love being around her. so glad we caught up a couple of years ago.

ok, off to do a few things will liam is bouncing away in his bouncer. well, he hasn't quite got the bounce part down yet. he enjoys looking at the animals though.

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