Friday, March 19, 2010

family fun

we had a great couple of days visiting with eric's family. his aunt regina came up from texas with her two girls. heather came with her girls. they had fun taking pictures of liam. seems like the man is always around girls. not a good sign lol

here's daddy, grandpa and liam chillin on the bed.

slobbers. who's got slobbers?

mom, i'm getting fat. i can pinch an inch!
a fun four generation picture.

yeah, i know i'm cute.

hey, you lookin' at me?
ok, i'm getting bored. what's next?
yep, little man is getting so big! he's starting to reach for the monkey on his bouncer. he found his fingers and sucks on the more. drools. no tooth yet. looks like it may have went back in. the tiny part that was sticking up isn't there any more. we are seeing more white spots on his gums where there could be more teeth coming. when??? who knows.

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