Tuesday, March 02, 2010


yesterday little man got 3 shots and one oral. his first set of vaccines. so far he is doing great. it is 12:14am the next day as i write this. he has slept a lot. a little fussy but not more he normally does. here's his legs:

he did great. he cried for a few minutes after the shots. such a brave man! and momma handled it just fine :)

and here he is looking up at his mobile. i love watching him lay there looking up at the lights.

one of my favorite times to play with him and get him to talk and smile is after i change him. he gets so happy when he has a dry diaper...yeah i would be happy too if i peed as much as he does and produced a 2lb diaper 6 times a day. (no i haven't weighed any diapers. just a guess.)

ahhh, having a boy is awesome!

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