Sunday, March 28, 2010


i got used to getting my meds for free when i was pregnant with liam. i thought that once i got my insurance from work that i would have a copay on meds. well i was wrong. i think lexapro was taken off their list. there was a lot of meds that were taken off when the new insurance came out. i didn't have insurance from work at that time so i didn't pay attention to what meds they took off. lexapro has to be one. i went to get my prescription filled and for 30 days it is $90. crap! so now i have to wait till payday. it's been four day since i've had one and i am starting to feel the affects of it. anxiety is going up. feeling foggy in the head. it isn't fair to get insurance and expect meds to be paid for and they aren't. so now i have to wait till thursday. by then who knows what i will be like. is great! grr

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